The 3 Steps To Get What You Want.


Did your first second of consciousness for the day involve struggling to reach over and snooze an alarm? Did you lay there with the lights off and your eyes closed, hoping that somehow the next 9 minutes lasted an extra hour instead?

I think the majority of us are guilty of this on a way too frequent basis.

We go to sleep too late because we are up doing things that have no real benefit when it comes to our long-term goals. We spend hours mindlessly distracted from actually living life. We fool ourselves into thinking that we are “relaxing” and “taking a break” when in reality, we are just making things harder for ourselves in the long run. We consistently settle for less or “good enough” with the hope that one day we will get what we think we deserve… but how will we actually get there if the time that we could dedicate to taking the necessary steps is used for “taking a break” instead.


Time slips through our fingers so easily. The older we get, the faster it goes. Yet we constantly tell ourselves that we have all the time in the world. We try to distract ourselves with one thing or another in order to make ourselves feel better about the lack of progress that we make. We constantly strive to find ways in which we can close our eyes to the things that would otherwise force us to finally move.

We are uncomfortable when we are unhappy, but if we consistently distract ourselves from the discomfort we should feel, WE WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE IT.

For most, if we continued doing what we do every single day… we would still be doing that same thing, in the same place, feeling the same way 10 years from now.

So how do we get what we want?


Everything starts with a choice.

STEP 1- Decide what you want.

You must be specific. You have to be able to literally see yourself executing or obtaining the thing that you want. If you can’t even see yourself getting there, how will it ever actually happen?

Think of your home.

Did someone just hope that one day a house would magically appear? Probably not.

Someone had to decide that they wanted to build a home in that precise location. They decided on what they wanted, where they wanted to build it, and then literally mapped out every inch of the home on a blueprint.

Nothing was left unaccounted for.

So what is it that you actually want? What is the “blueprint” of your desire?

STEP 2- Plan out the steps.

With everything you do, you must have a plan of action that will help you obtain your goals. Everything has a process that you can follow and makes sense.

If your goal was to cook a certain dish, you would first make sure that you bought the ingredients that you needed. You would prep the different ingredients, cook them properly, and then plate the food appropriately.

There are normally very specific steps that must be followed in a very specific manner in order to obtain the things that we want.

Do you know what your steps are?

STEP 3-  Go out and do it!

Stop hitting the snooze button on life.

Think about the things that you mindlessly (or actively) devote time to and see if they are helping or hurting you in reality.

If you were to have someone record a continuous video of you and the way that you live your life on a daily basis, would you be happy to see that played back for you 10 years from now? Or would you wish that you wouldn’t have wasted all those hours (days, weeks, months, YEARS) and more so invested your time into actually making progress toward your goals?

What keeps you from it now?

Do you just not feel like taking that first step?

Will you ever FEEL like it?

What if the only way we will ever feel like it is once we have already taken that first step and gained some momentum?

Do we all just waste years of our lives waiting to feel like doing things when in reality we will only finally feel like doing those things after we have already started?

I’m pretty sure most of us hate that moment between waking up and getting out of bed. We do everything we can to prolong that time. But why? Once we actually get up and out of bed, we feel good. We only feel bad when we wait too long to start doing the things we know we have to. We rarely ever regret getting out of bed early, but we will mostly always regret waiting to take action, or not taking it at all.

Should we have been taking action all along instead of waiting to feel like it?


What areas do you see distracting you from being active?

What is it that you want?

What are your specific steps?

What can you commit to doing TODAY?



Join me on this journey,



5 thoughts on “The 3 Steps To Get What You Want.

  1. Hey, who are you to tell me that me sitting here and reading this blog is a bad thing, and I should be actually doing other productive things?
    I guess good job, because you actually got me thinking. And all of a sudden, I felt ashamed for not pushing my life further along.

    Liked by 1 person

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